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We are a group of railwaymen, in service and retired, and railfans which founded in 1999 this no profit association to promote railway culture through the restoration and the maintenance of old locomotives and carriages.

So year by year undisputed charm trains returned to cross once more the railways of Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige, fascinating a lot of people at every exit.

We are better known as “Musi Neri” (Black Faces) as the so called engineers covered of soot that drove steam locos in the past century.

Our symbol is the oil light in use on the steam locos.

To pursue our intentions we stipulated a specific pact with Trenitalia’s Direzione Regionale Veneto.

All the activities are free developed by our members and under the supervision of Trenitalia’s personnel.


To view the historical train schedule, please click here

To know more about the rolling stock collection, please click here.


If you desire to rent a historical train, you must contact the commercial office of Trenitalia’s Direzione Regionale Veneto, specifying the day, the schedule, the run and the traveller’s number. Don’t miss to specify the type of traction: steam, electric or Diesel.

Also bicycles can travel by train.

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  • mail:

Trenitalia Spa

Divisione Passeggeri Regionale Veneto Commerciale

Via Decorati al Valor Civile, 99

I-30171 Mestre VE – Italy

  • fax: +39 041.369.6232

Of course we’re pleased to help you, but remember that we’re not responsible about the rental price of the trains.

If you have no idea where to go, please see the Triveneto’s railway lines map below.



Legal office

Via Brigata Casale, 1/c

I-37137 VeronaItaly

Working offices

Verona S. Lucia’s locos depot

Telephone: +39 045.802.3588

morning: Thursday and Saturday

Fax: +39 045.802.2554

Venice-Mestre’s locos depot

Warning: we’re sorry but entrance in working offices is not allowed



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Q. Which type of train can I choose?

A. You can choose steam, electric or Diesel train.

Q. Which destinations can I choose for a trip with the historical train?

A. You can choose any place but served by the railway. The railway enterprise and the manager of the infrastructure can impose some limitations due to the technical specifications of the rolling stock and the lines.

Q. Which is the speed of the historical trains?

A. The maximum speed of the locomotives type 740/940 is 65 km/h.
The electric locos type E626 travel to 95 km/h and the Diesel railcars type ALn 873 travel to 110 km/h.

Q. How many places are available on board of the historical trains?

A. The Diesel railcars type ALn 873 have 73 places. The carriages type ‘Centoporte’ have 78 places and the carriages type ‘Corbellini’ have 68.

Q. How much does it cost renting a historical train?

A. The rental price of historical trains is calculated only by Trenitalia’s Direzione Regionale Veneto. AVTS is not responsible about it.

Q. Can bicycles be loaded on board of historical trains?

A. Yes but it’s necessary to inform Trenitalia to have suitable wagons.

AVTS will be pleased to help you loading and unloading your bicycles in stations.

Q. Who drives the historical trains?

A. Historical trains are driven by the trained personnel of Trenitalia.



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